An Alternative for Minimally Invasive Osteotomies: The Gigli Saw Technique

Megan Ishibashi, B.S., Toby Ishizuka, B.A.

Osteotomies that require a large incision site and  are performed with a high-energy instrument may result in neurovascular injury and postoperative wound complications.
The Gigli saw technique is a minimally invasive alternative to open dissection osteotomies. This technique uses a flexible stainless steel cable with attached
handles in a reciprocating pattern to cut through bone. This review aims to introduce this procedure to the podiatric medical student, so that one can consider this technique as a surgical option in a patient with peripheral vascular disease, soft tissue injury, or osteoporotic bone quality. This article will review several studies and surgical textbooks to explain how to use a Gigli saw in podiatric surgeries and describe the strengths, weaknesses, and future implications of this minimally invasive technique.