About the Journal

The National Foot and Ankle Review  (NFAR) is an academic, peer-reviewed journal and website published annually by the California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM). Published for the past 20+ years, NFAR delivers clinical and surgical content to physicians, students, and educators in the field of Podiatric Medicine.

The NFAR editorial team strives for:

  • Peer-reviewed editorial to evaluate scientific importance and accuracy
  • Enforce appropriate scientific journal policies to all authors equally.

NFAR History
Founded by Dr. Albert Burns in 1996-1997, this unique publication offers a platform for students from all nine podiatric medical schools to share their research and contribute to the medical community. Over the years, the Review has published an extensive collection of original research, case reports, and literature reviews.

NFAR Today
The National Foot and Ankle Review provides numerous benefits for podiatric students. As an editor, students hone in on their abilities to be meticulous and critical through several rounds of editing. They learn to develop a refined eye for reading and analyzing medical literature – an essential skill as we progress through our podiatric medical career.

As an author, students undergo the arduous process of submitting their research as a cohesive manuscript using guidelines that mirror the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association. They collaborate with editors to polish their work and ultimately produce a successful publication. As a reader, students are introduced to an array of topics in podiatry ranging from foot pathologies to surgical procedures. This journal serves as an additional educational resource for students while supporting our peers in their research endeavors. The online website was created on May 2019 to expand our podiatry student outreach

Mission Statement
The National Foot & Ankle Review is an annual student-produced journal, founded by Dr. Albert Burns to help students gain experience in podiatric medical research. NFAR accepts original manuscripts from students at all schools of podiatric medicine. The finished product is distributed to schools, clerkship programs, and residencies around the country.

Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Eric Stamps, Dean of California School of Podiatric Medicine

All expressions of opinion and all other statements are published on the authority of the writer(s) and are not views of the National Foot and Ankle Review or its editorial staff. All articles are original content and have not been published elsewhere. Submissions are accepted from all schools of podiatric medicine per journal guidelines. For information about next year’s edition, please email the Chief Editor of NFAR as listed in the contact information.